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"Because so much of my work can be online for the  majority of the year, sometimes it feels like I am never 'off.' However,  [...] I have become extraordinarily good at putting down my phone. I  schedule time to disconnect, because I’ve learned that I can get too  flooded with information," Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodríguez, the writer, online content curator, and public speaker who founded Latina Rebels,  tells Bustle.

"Most of my self-care tends to be more integrated into my  life, so it’s small acts of self-preservation that make this all  doable."

She adds that her two dogs also help her feel more  grounded when work becomes overwhelming. "When I am stressed, my pit  bull seems to feel it before I do. She will come and start licking my  hands and soothing me before I have hit a wall of online  over-consumption. Through my dogs, I have learned to step away, and  release in their warmth," she says.

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