Striking the right balance between work, relationships, and personal  time is an ongoing and ever-changing process for most of us. We all feel  stuck at times when it comes to maintaining a healthy work-life balance — and avoiding the awful symptoms of burnout — but taking time to research what's been successful for others can be helpful.

As Mental Health America (MHA) reported, "more than one in four Americans describe themselves as 'super stressed'" from trying to juggle work-related and personal responsibilities.  However, working too much, and not taking time out your schedule for  self-care, can have a negative impact on both your mental and physical  health.

In fact, one of the most common hangups people face when  their work-life balance is off-kilter is burnout. Though burnout can  look different for everyone, common signs include feeling exhausted,  having trouble concentrating, experiencing physical issues like  headaches, and experiencing emotional distress, or more stress than  usual. Managing a healthy work-life balance, however, is key to avoiding  this icky feeling. While no one maintains a perfect work-life balance  all the time, taking the time to figure out what works for you  personally is beyond valuable.

Haven't got a clue where to begin? Bustle spoke with 10 entrepreneurial women about how they sustain a healthy work-life balance — despite having busy schedules and big goals.

"Because so much of my work can be online for the  majority of the year, sometimes it feels like I am never 'off.' However,  [...] I have become extraordinarily good at putting down my phone. I  schedule time to disconnect, because I’ve learned that I can get too  flooded with information," Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodríguez, the writer, online content curator, and public speaker who founded Latina Rebels,  tells Bustle.

"Most of my self-care tends to be more integrated into my  life, so it’s small acts of self-preservation that make this all  doable."

She adds that her two dogs also help her feel more  grounded when work becomes overwhelming. "When I am stressed, my pit  bull seems to feel it before I do. She will come and start licking my  hands and soothing me before I have hit a wall of online  over-consumption. Through my dogs, I have learned to step away, and  release in their warmth," she says.

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