Listen to my latest interview with Karla Lopez-Owens, on the show Rebel music where we discuss songs that have influenced me as a person and writer.

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copy: SEPTEMBER 05, 2023

Rebel Music with Karla López Owens is an ongoing series on Cultural Manifesto exploring the relationship between music and activism. On this episode, Karla’s guest is the activist and writer Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodríguez. Prisca is the founder of the online platform Latina Rebels, and the author of the 2021 book "For Brown Girls with Sharp Edges and Tender Hearts: A Love Letter to Women of Color”. Prisca will be giving a free talk at the Madam Walker Legacy Center on September 12, as part of the IUPUI Chancellor’s Diversity Speaker Series. In this conversation, Prisca discusses some of the life experiences that shaped her writing, and shares music that inspired her along the way."