"This marks the third (and hopefully final) announcements issue we’ve done fully remotely. Much has changed in the year since we published our fall 2020 preview, and things nearly unthinkable then are a reality now. Shops and restaurants are open, finding toilet paper isn’t a Navy SEAL–type operation, leaving home no longer feels like a dodgy endeavor, and, hey, with reopenings going wide, maybe it’s time to finally get that Great Gatsby tattoo.

One thing that hasn’t changed is how we put this feature together. We invited publishers to submit information on titles publishing between Aug. 1, 2021, and Jan. 31, 2022, and we distilled the thousands of submissions to what you have here: our picks for the notable books of fall and winter in 15 categories. Each category has a top-10 list and a longlist of picks you’ll want to have on your radar.

As usual, we aren’t just looking for blockbusters, though there are plenty of those. We’re also highlighting indie darlings, some promising debuts, titles that have breakout potential, and some that just seem to have a bit of fairy dust sprinkled on them. (There’s also a database of all submissions you can peruse at publishersweekly.com/announcements.)

This fall is looking to be a great one on the book front, as you’re about to see. Take a look, and also check this space on July 19 for our fall 2021 children’s announcements issue.

Till then, happy reading!"

Find my listed book here, along with a wonderful review here.