...and Barnes and Noble is having a sale from today till Friday (4/17 till 4/19)

They are running a special last-minute promotion on preorders from 4/17 to 4/19. Rewards & Premium Members can take 25% off all preorders using the code PREORDER25, including audiobooks and eBooks.

But overall preorders are everything to a book, because when that first week of sales occur (September 10th) all the preorders tally into the first week of sales and determine if your book will become a best seller. A NYT best seller usually sells 10k copies on the first week of sales, which would be a dream and I do not even want to imagine that ever coming true because it feels to big of a dream to have. But preorder regardless 😝 😂

The link for preorders in general is here, and the link for the Barnes and Noble ongoing sale is here.