Title: Latina Rebels turn to memes, humor to rethink media on hot-button issues

"When Prisca Dorcas, founder of Latina Rebels,  was in graduate school at mostly white Vanderbilt University in  Nashville, Tennessee, frequent race-driven microaggressions made her  feel isolated and confused. Without a physical place to vent her  frustrations and find solidarity, Dorcas turned to Instagram in 2013 to create a virtual rallying ground.

What started with a group of 10,000 followers grew to a community of 120,000 from across the US. Latina Rebels has become a gathering place for Latinx women who self-identify as fiery, bold and unapologetic.

Dorcas is a writer, storyteller and performer who still calls Nashville home.  Via Instagram, her team is helping define what it means to be a Latina  in the US today — sparking debate about hot button issues, documenting  their experiences and providing Latinx activists a platform to share  their work."

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