I met Neddy a few years ago but only recently got around to joining her for her podcast. Neddy is one down ass Latina who is passionate about Latinx Queer Liberation.

The description of our episode: "Joining me today is Prisca Dorcas, founder of @latinarebels.  You may know her from Latina Rebels or from her viral writing, “Dear Woke Brown” published by HuffPost. She got her Masters of Divinity from Vanderbilt University and is currently working on her first book. The bulk of her work is making accessible, through story telling and curating content, the theories and heavy material that is oftentimes only taught in the racist/classist institutions known as academia.  She has published over 200 articles online and has been featured in Telemundo, Univision, Mitu, HuffPost, and Cosmopolitan. Find her work at www.priscadorcas.com.

In other words, she is a badass Nicaraguense writer who is not just “breaking the glass ceiling,” but using the broken glass to cut open our minds through her writings and storytelling.

We talk about the separation of church, complex identities, labels we put on ourselves, family traumas, and the feeling of liberation.

A big thank you to Prisca for joining me!"

Listen here!