Article written by Virginia Isaad: link below for the entire piece on FIERCE

Latina Rebels founder and all-around fierce Latina Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez is one of the most vocal and prominent feminist Latina writers today. She’s been featured on HuffPost, Guerrilla Feminism, Latina magazine, Everyday Feminism and FIERCE, and her writings include popular essays like “Dear Woke Brown Girl,” “Chonga Manifesto” and “I Was Called Llorona Growing Up — But I Was Really Just Crying Out For Help After Years Of Abuse.” She’s a full-time writer, contributing regularly to her Patreon page, she has had her essays published in anthologies like “Nevertheless We Persisted“ and  she is currently working on her first book. She was born in Managua and  currently resides in Nashville, when she’s not traveling the country  for speaking engagements.

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